Egyptian London
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#dyk_top How much do you know about Egyptian London?  See how many of the following questions you can answer.  Click on the relevant Answer link to see the answer. 1	Where is the preserved head of the ‘Father of Egyptology’, Sir Flinders Petrie? 2	Where could you have found the tomb of Tutankhamun in London? 1  Petrie’s head is preserved in the Royal College of Surgeons, but is not on view to the public.  Read the full story, and more about the College’s links with Egyptology, including a mummy unrolling so popular that the Archbishop of Canterbury couldn’t get in. 2  At the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley.  Howard Carter tried to stop it, but failed.  Read the book to find out where the contents are now. 3	Where did Wilson, Keppel and Betty perform ‘Cleopatra’s Nightmare’? 3  The immortal sand dance act performed at a number of venues in London, including the now vanished Alhambra Music Hall.  Egyptian London will tell you where it was. 4	Where were mummies unwrapped in royal palaces? 4  Mummies brought back from Egypt in 1868 by the Prince of Wales, later Edward VII, were stored in Clarence House.  Was the Prince lucky to stumble on a tomb full of mummies when he was allowed to excavate, or was there more going on? 5	Cleopatra’s Needle is now on the Embankment.  Where else might it have been set up? 5  Sites all round London were proposed during the so-called Battle of the Sites.  Find out where they were, why the Embankment site was finally chosen, and what lies underneath the Needle. 6	Where is the Egyptian inspired ‘Temple of Storms’? 6  The ‘Temple’ is on the Isle of Dogs.  Read the book to find out why the ‘Philosopher-Architect’ John Outram designed a storm water pumping station inspired by Ancient Egypt. 7	Who had a twenty-one foot long table centrepiece modelled on the temples of Ancient Egypt, and where can you see it now? 7  The service was given to the Duke of Wellington, and is now in Apsley House.  Egyptian London tells you who it was made for originally, and why she turned it down. 8	Which famous Egyptologist gave his name to a character in the Fu Manchu stories of Sax Rohmer? 8  Sir Flinders Petrie, the ‘Father of Egyptology’.  He also gave his name to characters in the 1940 Universal film ‘The Mummy’s Hand’, and the 1962 film I Was A Teenage Mummy.  Find out more about mummy movies and Petrie in Egyptian London. 9	Which famous giant of Egyptology lived in Half Moon Street, and what connects him with Sadlers Wells, Sotheby’s, and Freemason’s Hall? 9  He was also known as The Patagonian Sampson, and the answers are water, a goddess, and a jewel. 10	Which London square’s area is meant to correspond to that of the base of the Great Pyramid? 10  It isn’t a square, it’s still fields, and a man who lived overlooking it proved it wasn’t the same size as the base of the Great Pyramid. 11	Which Peer of the Realm was mummified in 1852, and buried in a real Egyptian sarcophagus? 11  Alexander, 10th Duke of Hamilton. Who mummified him, where he was first buried (it has one of the longest echoes in the world), and where the sarcophagus is now buried, are all in the book.